[Molvis-list] Program announcement and call for participants: ChemAxon's 2011 UGM: September 27-28, San Diego, CA

Alex Allardyce aa at chemaxon.hu
Thu Aug 4 12:31:28 EDT 2011

Good day,

We are announcing the program and calling for participants for 
ChemAxon's 4th US User Group Meeting (US-UGM) which will take place in 
San Diego, CA on September 27-28.

Program: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/ugm-san-diego-2011/#program

Highlights of the event:
1. Program is launched with presentations from users including; 
Boehringer Ingelheim, Broad Inst, GlaxoSmithKline, NCTT, NextMove 
Software, Pfizer, RTI Int., Takeda, Thomson Reuters, full presentation 
titles below.
2. Preceding the meeting on Monday afternoon, Sept 26, we host a 
dedicated Markush Forum, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, a free session - 
for content users to discuss the development and use of Markush 
structure IP tools and content.
3. Following the meeting on Thursday Sept 29, will be a two track 
Training Day for: Application and Developer, for beginner to advanced 
level users to become familiar with ChemAxon's toolkits and end user 
4. A relaxing location and many social events to mix in and enjoy

Useful links:
Program: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/ugm-san-diego-2011/#program
More information: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/2011_eugm/
Registration: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/ugm-registration/
Markush Forum: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/ugm-san-diego-2011/#markush
Developer training details: 
Application training details: 
UGM archives: http://www.chemaxon.com/ugm-presentations/

Program titles: User Presentations
01 QnA and Keynote: Surviving the whitewater of R&D Informatics: How can 
we best support science in an ever-changing world
02 ZINC-12: A tool for the discovery, prioritization and acquisition of 
commercially available small molecule reagents for biology.
03 A novel Approach to Pharmaceutical Registration - Registration as a 
04 Implementation of an Integrated Cheminformatics System at RTI
05 The Evolution of the Broad Chemical Biology Informatics Platform
06 Development and Deployment of Reagent Logistics Solution Using JChem 
07 Centralizing data for drug discovery in a multi-group academic 
setting with ChemAxon
08 Enterprise Deployment of JChem for Excel (JC4XL)
09 Deploying Instant JChem on an Enterprise Scale
10 Excel as a Cheminformatics Interface
11 Efficient simultaneous matching of multiple SMARTS using the ChemAxon 
12 Advanced searching chemical structures in patents
13 Tools for Analyzing Exemplified and Markush Structures in Chemical 
14 Reaction scheme: Capture, Iterator, and Parser
15 Smashing Molecules - How Molecular Fragments Allow us to Explore 
Large Chemical Spaces
16 Text mining for chemical information: the ChiKEL project

Advisory: Event hotel has reservation cut-off date of 24th of August. 
Accommodation can be booked here: 

See you in September.


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