[Molvis-list] Call for papers: ChemAxon 2012 EUGM, May 22-23, Budapest, Hungary.

Alex Allardyce aa at chemaxon.hu
Wed Dec 14 07:51:43 EST 2011

Excuse cross postings.

We are calling for papers for ChemAxon's 2012 European User Group 
Meeting, to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23 at the Hotel 
Budapest Centrum, in downtown Budapest, Hungary.

The meeting will feature presentations from ChemAxon users, a 1-2-1 
session, lightning presentations/exhibition from ChemAxon Partners and 
the latest updates on product developments, as well as discussion 
shaping future product development.

Oral abstract submission deadline is *February 13th*, 2012 and for 
poster abstracts, May 1st. To find out more visit the meeting page 
<http://www.chemaxon.com/events/ugm-budapest-2012/> and to submit an 
abstract please register 

To review the archives of previous meetings, including original 
presentations (slides and video) and meeting reports from Wendy Warr and 
Yvonne Martin visit this page <http://www.chemaxon.com/ugm-presentations/>.

We look forward to seeing you there.

BR of the season

*UGM Satellite meetings:* /(May 21st afternoon and May 24th 29th)/

/Markush Forum - Monday May 21st, afternoon/
Preceding the UGM we have the third European meeting of the Markush 
Forum, an afternoon for interested organizations to participate in the 
development of ChemAxon's tools for Markush structure enumeration and 
search. This meeting is open to users, content developers should contact 
us to confirm their participation.  Find out more here: 

/Developer and End user training - Thursday May 24th/
Following the UGM will be a 2 track developer and end user Training Day. 
For developers we have a tutorial/code session and for end users we have 
2 tracks to focus on different products with hands-on training.
Find out more about the Application Focus (End user) Training here: 
Find out more about the Developer Training here: 

*Review: Speakers and topics from 2011 European and US User Group Meetings
*US UGM - Sept, 2011
Keynote: Surviving the whitewater of R&D Informatics: How can we best 
support science in an everchanging world
Sarah Blendermann, Alex Drijver (Pfizer, ChemAxon)

ZINC-12: A tool for the discovery, prioritization and acquisition of 
commercially available small molecule reagents for biology
John Irwin (University of California San Francisco)

A Novel Approach to Pharmaceutical Registration - Registration as a Service
Charles Wilkins (GlaxoSmithKline)

Implementation of an Integrated Cheminformatics System at RTI
Danni Harris (RTI International)

The Evolution of the Broad Chemical Biology Informatics Platform
Benjamin Alexander (Broad Institute)

Development and Deployment of Reagent Logistics Solution Using JChem 
Matthew Pustelnik (Takeda)

Centralizing data for drug discovery in a multi-group academic setting 
with ChemAxon
Erin Bolstad (University of Montana)

Enterprise Deployment of JChem for Excel (JC4XL)
Matthew Pustelnik (Takeda)

Deploying Instant JChem on an Enterprise Scale
Brett Hiemenz (GlaxoSmithKline)

Excel as a Cheminformatics Interface
Yingyao Zhou (Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation)

Efficient simultaneous matching of multiple SMARTS using the ChemAxon 
Roger Sayle (NextMove Software)

Advanced searching chemical structures in patents
Steve Hajkowski (Thomson Reuters)

Tools for Analyzing Exemplified and Markush Structures in Chemical Patents
Christopher Kibbey (Pfizer)

Reaction scheme: Capture, Iterator, and Parser
Zhenbin Li (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Screen3D: a new high-throughput flexible alignment method
Oleg Ursu (University of New Mexico)

Smashing Molecules - How Molecular Fragments Allow us to Explore Large 
Chemical Spaces
Rajarshi Guha (NIH Chemical Genomics Center)

Mining promiscuous chemotypes in PubChem
Oleg Ursu (University of New Mexico)

Text mining for chemical information: the ChiKEL project
David Milward, Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet (Linguamatics, ChemAxon)

EUGM - May 2011
The challenges facing the modern large pharma R&D manager, an exchange 
of views
Ashley George, Alex Drijver (GlaxoSmithKline, ChemAxon)

Migrating to ChemAxon : the good, the bad & the ugly
Catherine Reisser (Evotec)

Benchmarking ChemAxon's Name-to-Structure batch tool on patent text
Andrew Hinton (Digital Science (MacMillan Publisher Ltd))

Automated spelling correction to improve recall rates of 
name-to-structure tools for chemical text mining
Sorel Muresan (AstraZeneca)

Analyzing search hits with ChemAxon's Markush Enumeration tool
Guy de Weck (F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG)

Perspiration, Inspiration, and Happenstance in Scientific Discoveries
Yvonne Martin (Martin Consulting)

DrugPredict: Online drug discovery service using polypharmacology-based 
interaction profiling
Zoltán Simon (Delta Informatika, Eötvös Loránd University)

Blobs of hope and other flights of fancy
Steve Muchmore (Abbott Laboratories)

Computational toxicology : in silico assessment of the hERG channel 
inhibition potential for the early drug cardiotoxicity testing
Aleksander Mendyk (Jagiellonian University)

SAR Analyzer - intuitive access to SAR information
Lisa Peltason (F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG)

Cheminformatics in SharePoint
Ian Berry (Evotec)

Interactive structure standardization
Dragos Horváth (CNRS-Université de Strasbourg)

Using Knime to provide desktop tools to chemists
Bob Marmon (Evotec)

SAR analysis in Excel using Helium and JChem
Karen Worsfold (GlaxoSmithKline)

7 Years of ChemAxon at Evotec : choices and possibilities
Ian Berry (Evotec)

Marvin 5.4 : A new generation of structure indexing at Elsevier
Heike Nau (Elsevier)

Utilizing Marvin in rich internet applications using Microsoft  Silverlight
Hans Jürgen Himmler (AKos GmbH)

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