[OpenMMS] Openmms in batch mode

Zia Mohaddes mohadesz at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 23:19:06 EDT 2007

HI everyone,

I am looking for the "turn" secondary structure in the openmms pdbase data
base. I found information about the helix and beta sheet secondary structure
, but i can't seem to find info about the "turn". does anybody know in which
"table" is located or how i can find it.

your help is greatly appreciated.

best regards,


On 6/3/07, thorwirth <thorwirth at fh-bingen.de> wrote:
> Hi Henning!
> I've read in the mailing list, that you have modified pdbase to run in
> batch mode. Can you pleas send me the modified Version?
> BTW, i modified it, so that it can handle compressed files
> best regards
> Björn Thorwirth
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