[Owl-devel] new interface ResidueContactScoringFunction

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Mon Apr 26 07:22:48 EDT 2010

Hi all,

folllowing a discussion on cmview-devel:
There is now an interface ResidueContactScoringFunction in the new
package owl.core.structure.scoring.
The idea is to implement different scoring functions in this package
such that they can be used in a standard
way in CMView and any other projects which can make use of contact
based protein scoring. We have two such
scoring functions almost ready (in owl.decoyscoring) and DeltaRank and
GMBP could at least potentially also be
used in the same way. The nice thing is that once the basic
visualization code is implemented in CMView (which
is also in principle there and just needs to be adapted to use the
interface), new scoring function could easily
be plugged in and could then also be reused in other projects such as
decoy scoring.

So, please consider using this interface if you are working on scoring
functions in CMView or other projects.


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