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From: Rafael Jimenez <rafael at ebi.ac.uk>
Date: 1 July 2010 11:19
Subject: [DAS] PDB-Uniprot alignment sources
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Hi everybody,

For those of you interested to use a PDB-Uniport alignment/mapping DAS
source. As far as I remember the registry has referenced in total three
PDB-Uniprot alignment sources. "biojavapdbuniprot" stopped working around
October 2009 and "alig_pdb_sp" stooped working in June 2010. Andreas set up
a new PDB-Uniport alignment source in November 2009 named
"pdb_uniprot_sifts_mapping" which is a replacement for the previous ones.

You can find more details about this mapping server in the DAS registry ...

Thanks to Andreas for maintaining this useful server.

Best regards,
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