[Owl-devel] Building with ant

Jose Duarte jose.duarte at psi.ch
Wed Aug 17 10:26:07 EDT 2011

Hi all

After a long time I decided this morning that it was finally time to use 
a proper build system!

So I've had a look into ant and of course it's a lot easier than it 
seems once you know how it works ;)

What I've done is I've added a build.xml ant script to both owl and 
cmview which should be able to build single jars of both projects.

 From eclipse is very easy to use: simply right click on it and then 
"Run As" -> "Ant Build". That will run the default target which is a 
"clean" followed by a "build jar". It will place a stand-alone jar in 
directory build/jar.

For cmview there's an additional target called "package". If you run 
this one after building the jar it will create a CMView-version.zip file 
in the build/ directory. Beware that for cmview the ant script needs two 
parameters specified in the ant command like this:


You can have a look at the scripts, they are pretty much self 
explanatory. It should be easy now to add other functionality to them.



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