[Pdbwiki-devel] checking remediated pdbs

Dan Bolser dan.bolser at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 07:33:57 EDT 2009

2009/7/17 Jose M. Duarte <jose.m.duarte at gmail.com>:
> I've gone now through the remaining errors categories (annotation errors,
> data deposition errors and experimental errors, they were fery few entries
> to be fair!) and checked whether they still apply. I found another resolved
> issue bringing the total to 4, the rest remain all unresolved.

Thanks for this work Jose. It makes me think... are the comments
clearly date stamped? It might be a good idea to make the date of the
comment more visible so people can see how up to date they are.

> The only error category I didn't check was the "biounit error" one. I'm not
> even sure how to check this!

I can do that.

> BTW how do you make categories refresh their contents? The new solved
> category still doesn't show its members.

This is an issue because the category is applied to the page via a
template, so changing the template doesn't automatically trigger the
change on the page (this is a good thing when you think that a given
template could be included in thousands of pages). If you're impatient
you can go to the page in question and click 'edit' and then 'save'. A
save without any changes to the text isn't recorded in the page
history, but it should trigger the relevant database updates with
respect to the categories. Otherwise you can just wait for the job
queue to get round to your job...

Or if you're curious, you can kick the job queue ... on the server (in
the MW directory) run:

$ php maintenance/runJobs.php

Now I'm wondering if you could somehow call the apropriate php method
on the page when the user uses the comments extension? I'm guessing
it's the expected behaviour from the users perspective.

All the best,

> Jose

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