[Pdbwiki-devel] Backups

Dan Bolser dan.bolser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 06:52:02 EST 2010

On 20 December 2010 11:34, Jose M. Duarte <jose.m.duarte at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > PS: the weekly update is running right now from mpi to bifx.org. All
>> > looks
>> > fine :)
> Completed now successfully. I can try to start setting things up with the
> update pipeline at bio.cc. Dan could you share login details "offline"? Or
> are the old logins still working?

Can anyone advise on how best to set up access to bio.cc?

Jose had an account: "/BiO/Live/Scientists/jose/", but I'm guessing
his IP isn't currently allowed to login?

I'd also like to allow logins for kanzure and my friend Narrenschiff.
Is it required that they all provide details of their likely IP range?


> By the way I've been trying to get dropbox running, but surprise surprise
> they block access to it from here! I'll fight to get the block lifted!
> Jose

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