[Pdbwiki-devel] pdbwiki maintenance page is back

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Jan 15 09:21:23 EST 2010

We have checked why the Pdbwiki main(-tenance) page was showing a 403
error and the good news is that it is working now. It was not a
problem with file permissions (which hadn't been changed anyways) but
with FollowSymlinks being disabled in httpd.conf. We had a symlink
pointing from /~hstehr/pdbwiki/mw/ to /~hstehr/pdbwiki/mediawiki-1.15/
which was now causing a permission denied error. As a workaround we
removed the symlink and renamed mediawiki-1.15/ to mw/. Now it seems
to work both with the full path and with the virtual host via
pdbwiki.org. I can't rule out the possiblity that there are side
effects of the renaming (e.g. with SVN or some other broken links) but
so far it seems to work fine. Jeff, would it be possible to enable
symlinks again (maybe just for /~hstehr/pdbwiki)? Symlinks are quite
convenient to switch between different versions etc. but I guess we
could also live without it if there are security concerns.

Henning & Jose

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