[Pdbwiki-devel] Site back after server reboot

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Oct 21 14:06:18 EDT 2010

Thanks Jose! At the end of this month, they will take away those of
our desktop machines which are not currently in use (basically mine
and Michael's). We should assume that the servers might follow soon. I
think until end of november will probably be fine but we should make
use of the time until them to test everything. Of course, ideally we
should move the whole update pipeline as well. Dan, do you have any
info when the new bifx servers might be ready?

On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 4:29 PM, Jose M. Duarte <jose.m.duarte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys
> Just for info, the servers at MPI were reboot today and I've brought back up
> the pdbwiki site. Once again our docs were out of date ;) I updated them a
> bit, for the record they are in:
> http://talyn.molgen.mpg.de:8080/BiO/PDBWiki/BioWiki/index.php/Server_Setup
> Anyway we should really start thinking about moving things to bifx.org. Is
> it known how long still we will have the servers at MPI?
> Jose
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