[Pdbwiki-devel] PDB version 4

Jose M. Duarte jose.m.duarte at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 09:32:23 EDT 2011

> Look at the scripts 'update.sh' and Dan's modified version  of
> 'rsyncPDB... ' in directory 'pdbrsync' which I just uploaded to the
> repository. The information we need will be in the rsync log file. If

Alright yes it seems that the rsync log contains the information we want.

> you can make pdbase update only the files which changed, then we have
> solved almost all our problems. We only have to make sure to update
> pdbase after every rsync to keep it consistent. If we miss one update
> round, we'll have to recreate pdbase from scratch. But even that
> should not be a real problem. Then the pdbwiki update should work
> without any modifications, shouldn't it? Or does that rely on the
> unzipped files in any way? In that case we would have to modify it to
> unzip on-the-fly and delete afterwards.
In principle the unzippeds are not needed at all anymore.

Ok I'll do some more trials this week and let you guys know

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