[Pipet Devel] AMMP & 3D veiwers (Greg & SooHaeng)

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Apr 12 21:27:41 EDT 1999

Tim wrote:
> Hey, good call.  I was just looking at this today... it's in C (not C++)
> and that's what got me interested in it.  Eeeerie...

Hi Tim.  Did you see it on Freshmeat too? :-)  There are some very nice GPL
programs out there, but you have to dig around for them.

> My project at work is running late (Oracle is fun like that, and it's
> always helpful when the specifications change two days before you're
> supposed to release it)

Are you working at or with Oracle?

> but I got *some* work done on the Glade layout
> for my little translator program.  I will post the code to the mailing
> list as soon as it's done, hopefully Wednesday, and perhaps the
> experienced old hands -- Humberto, Harry, etc. -- can point out all the
> ways in which I have demonstrated my incompetence.

Say Tim, do you want a Web site for your translator on theopenlab?  Does it have
a name (was it Codon)?

> ps.  Does anyone know of an old-style C++ preprocessor that generates C
> code as its output, like it was when C++ was first introduced?  I think
> I may be able to pick apart chunks of VTK in this fashion...

I don't, but I'm no guru.

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