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Jeff, I work with Dr. Harrison at Thomas Jefferson University.

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> The idea of incorparating ammp into loci is of some interest.  One 
> of the design goals of ammp was to develop a program that could be
> included in others without a big deal of fuss (i was originally thinking
> in terms of a front-end language, and AMMP was the "n-ad" interpreter
> sort of like the java virtual machine (well actually the idea was the
> ucsd pascal machine)).  This frontend has never been written, 
> but the ammp instruction set has settled into a slowly enough evolving
> form that this could be done.  Python is one of the languages i am evaluating
> as a frontend language (perl would also do, so would javascript, but 
> i suspect these are a little big and inefficient).
> I can see where ammp would give loci needed new features, and can
> see where loci can help with ammp (sequence database interfacing is
> sort of crude and manual right now,  chemical or small molecule database
> interfacing would help with drug design and related sorts of problems).
> In fact anything to improve program visibility is a good idea because
> the NSF more or less requires that one demonstrate "impact" before
> they give you money to develop programs.
> my only real concern right now is the degree of virtuality of the 
> project.  most of the web pages are either self-referential or under
> construction.  So it looks like the project is just starting.  
> none the less this is interesting, and we should chat some more on it.
> 				rob
> 					robert w. harrison
> 					robert.harrison at acm.org
> 					harrison at asterix.jci.tju.edu
> 					http://asterix.jci.tju.edu
> 					(215)-503-4592
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> Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl.
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