[Pipet Devel] Viewers and the FigBuilder.

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga hortiz at neurobio.upr.clu.edu
Tue Apr 13 14:14:42 EDT 1999

bizzaro at bc.edu said:
> So, the way I imagined it, FigBuilder is for the static view of the
> final product (the figure for publication).  The Viewer is for the
> dynamic manipulation of an individual _part_ of the figure (you can
> put buttons, etc. on the viewers too), so there may be many viewers.
> (There may be many FigBuilders if multiple publication figures are
> being worked on).  Editor is for the editing of the biodata.  It will
> of course affect the figure in the viewer and the FigBuilder.

> FigBuilder == static
> Viewer == dynamic 

Sure, this works.  A viewer can fiddle with the figure, then export the final 
figure to the FigBuilder.  We could just export encapsulated postscript, or 
some kind of XML file for vector illustrations.  Export can happen 
automatically when the viewer closes.

I does make a viewer more complicated, we have to manage the dynamic display, 
and then display again for the figbuilder.
Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga
Bioinformatics Specialist
Institute of Neurobiology
hortiz at neurobio.upr.clu.edu

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