[Pipet Devel] PAOS and the Work Flow System

Carlos Maltzahn carlosm at moet.cs.colorado.edu
Tue Apr 13 15:50:29 EDT 1999

    > http://www.python.org/topics/xml/xml.html
    > lists two proposals for an XML over HTTP RPC mechanism, this or something
    > similar can be used as loci's "transfer" mechanism (in the sense transfer is
    > used in the glossary). These particular proposals seem a little too low level
    > (they define a XML for bytes and integers etc), but the basic idea of using
    > XML to transfer data and specify a remote procedure call syntax seems like
    > what we need.
    I'm not sure what transfer protocol PAOS uses over an Internet
    socket.  Carlos?  But we may not be looking at HTTP.  So, probably
    something "similar".  PAOS should be in control of this file
    transfer to some extent.
The communication between Paos clients and server uses Python's pickle
module plus some optimizations. The pickle module lets you serialize
Python objects into strings so you can send them over the net. There is no
specified standard for the pickle protocol.

BTW, I'm interested to find out who on this list was able to run Paos and
play around with it a little bit. Let me know what your experience was.

Sorry for not contributing too much to this list lately. My defense is on
Friday and chaos reigns. :)


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