[Pipet Devel] PAOS and the Work Flow System

Carlos Maltzahn carlosm at moet.cs.colorado.edu
Tue Apr 13 16:43:07 EDT 1999


On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, J.W. Bizzaro wrote:

    Carlos Maltzahn wrote:
    > The communication between Paos clients and server uses Python's pickle
    > module plus some optimizations. The pickle module lets you serialize
    > Python objects into strings so you can send them over the net. There is no
    > specified standard for the pickle protocol.
    Part of PAOS's role in the WFS should be to keep track of the XML files being
    transfered around (data ID's stored as objects?).  So when the transfer of
    pickeled PAOS objects is made across the Net, the objects are unpickeled, and
    the Internet AppBroker should get some indication as to where the XML is and how
    to get it.
    Can the XML's be attached to the pickeled PAOS objects when transferred?
Well, XML code is basically a string which you can attach to a Python
object. Then you serialize the Python object which embeds the XML string
into the serialized object like any other attribute value. To deserialize
serialized objects you just need to have the same Python class definition
that were used for the serialization. After deserialization you extract
the XML string by accessing the corresponding attribute.

So the answer is yes, if you can attach XML to objects _before_ they get


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