[Pipet Devel] ssh problems

Harry Mangalam hjm at cx408397-a.irvn1.occa.home.com
Mon Apr 19 09:00:01 EDT 1999

Cassandra here (no one listens to me).  I think I grumpily mentioned before
that ssh2 is incompatible with ssh1, even WITH the version 1 compatibility
(it's only compatible with the very latest version 1).

So either all clients have to erun out and get version 2 clients (which will
not work with most version 1 servers, so you'll have to maintain 2 clients)
or back your sshd down to version 1.

Ahhh, security..


On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Justin Bradford wrote:

/I've added the hosts.allow entry, but I still don't have any trouble
/connecting. However, I'm using ssh2. I compiled it with version 1
/compatibility. Maybe there's a second daemon I need to start?


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