[Pipet Devel] Sketch (Greg!)

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Apr 23 03:23:50 EDT 1999

Sketch is a Python/C/Tk vector drawing program.  It is at release 0.5.5, but the
good news is the soon to be developed 0.7 version will use PyGTK:


Of course I'm still looking for something that will fill the roll of the slides
(viewers) and stages (figure builders).  This must be a drawing program at it's
core.  So far you may recall I have looked contacted the authors of GILT and
tgif.  The authors had no time to help.  XFIG and GYVE are other options, of
which only GYVE is GTK.   But Sketch is the only one in Python.

This brings up a question for any imaging experts out there:  Would it be more
than trivial to create layers of images so that we can place 2D over 3D, or visa
versa?  I've seen this done with The GIMP, and many games do this.  But what
about mixing image types, like OpenGL and non-OpenGL?

Greg has a very nice OpenGL modeller called mg^2:


Greg, have you considered using layers and/or combining 2D with 3D?

I shall return,
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