[Pipet Devel] News from Bioinformatics

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Apr 25 07:13:01 EDT 1999

Hi guys.

I set up a news posting program on the server.  It allows anyone with the
correct return address to e-mail news items, and they are automatically inserted
into the page.  Check out the main page:


This gives me an idea.  I was thinking of having news items in the jounral
(JOTOL), but we could have unedited items on the main page, and have sort of a
Slashdot for bioinformatics.

If you would like to submit a news item that relates to the field of
bioinformatics, please send it to me.  Or, if you'd like to be able to mail in
your own items, let me know.

News posted could be about any research, breakthroughs, programs, organizations,
companies, products.  It doesn't even matter to me if it is an advertisement.

The site of course has just been put together. We get about 20 unique hits a
day, and with interesting news items, we should get more.

J.W. Bizzaro                  mailto:bizzaro at bc.edu
Boston College Chemistry      http://www.uml.edu/Dept/Chem/Bizzaro/

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