[Pipet Devel] Loci meeting? (was: ORBit documentation)\

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Aug 3 17:23:18 EDT 1999

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> A couple of the bioinformaticians here are at the canadian bioinformatics
> workshop will be going to the PSB in hawaii -- I think I might try to go
> too.  Jeff, why dont you pressure your prof to send you? Maybe Kenneth
> can come up with some cash money ;-)

:-)  Heh-heh.  Ken may be reading this now.  I'm not sure he's so happy with me
lately that he'd fork out a couple thousand for me to go to Hawaii.  Maybe I'll
try to come up with the money myself though.  I always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Can we get a head-count on everyone who is going to PSB 2000?

Is someone sponsoring you, Gary?

> BTW I will be in boston from Sept 7 to 21.  will you be there too jeff? I
> was kind of counting on it.

Yep, I'll be here.  Send me an e-mail about your plans.  I'd like to get

BTW, I'm planning on giving a talk about Loci at Genome Therapeutics, outside of
Boston, on Sept 23.  This is part of the Boston Area Molecular Biology Computer
Types (BAMBCT) meetings that David Lapointe and I go to.

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