[Pipet Devel] Loci meeting? (was: ORBit documentation)\

Thomas Junier tjunier at pcisrec-d402b.unil.ch
Thu Aug 5 05:02:25 EDT 1999

> > Can we get a head-count on everyone who is going to PSB 2000?

I'll try to go, if (guess what) I find the cash.

> Has anyone submitted a poster at an earlier PSB?  How hard is it to get one
> "accepted"?  How about the others?  I heard that ISMB is tough.

In my experience, for ISMB it was fairly easy (Well, I submitted just three
posters, all in all and counting collaborations, but IMHO there was nothing
exceptional on any of them). For talks, on the other hand, that may well be
another matter, I've generally been quite impressed by the level of the talks.

BTW, will any of you Locians be in Heidelberg this week-end?


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