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JES stein at fmppr.fmnh.org
Fri Aug 20 12:51:11 EDT 1999

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:

> Ah.  Are there any less expensive hotels in the area?  I think Waikiki beach is
> cluttered with hotels.
> > Airfare from Chicago is going for about $975 (nonstop)  right now - that
> > includes the meeting discount on United Airlines.
> When I checked, a couple weeks ago, airfare from Boston (one stop - in Chicago
> :-) was $1,015 ($40 to Chicago aint bad, huh?).  That was also United.  Prices
> will keep going up though.

If only it had been $40 when I drove from CT to look for an apt a few
months ago.

Looking at the current prices for the Sheraton Waikiki rooms on their
web page (link from the meeting web page), the meeting group rates for
rooms are a real bargain - especially given the time of year.  But if
you want to poke around and explore cheaper options, I found a useful
link with lots of hotel info and pricing: 

Mapquest doesn't have routing information, but http://www.mapblast.com
does  just in case you want to check distances (so you're not hiking
miles everyday between your alternate hotel and the sheraton).

BTW, we will be going out on the 2nd, returning to Chicago on the 9th -
luckily, I over-budgeted for hotel expenses (but nobody back home will
be getting tacky tourist trinkets!).  It might be nice to get a few
people together to rent a van or something for a day either before the
conference or *gasp* during the conference.


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