[Pipet Devel] python-bonobo (was Re: desktop as...)

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Wed Dec 1 00:30:15 EST 1999

> It is my understanding that while bonobo uses ORBit, it is just a library.
> If I am correct, non-elegant bindings should be relatively easy. By
> "non-elegant", I mean it the Python interface would feel more C-ish than
> Python-ish.

Ok, upon reviewing the documentation, I was way off before. However, one
could still contain all of the ORBit code within the C stubs, and have
only the Embeddable, Container, View, ViewFrame, ClientSite, etc object
interfaces exposed in Python. So, ORBit bindings would not be necessary,
and it would make components/containers pretty easy to write in Python.

Anyone know if James Henstridge has started/implemented any of the bonobo


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