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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Dec 2 16:10:39 EST 1999

"J. Steinbachs" wrote:
> The data can be represented as a "WHAX tree", with the tag representing
> the branches and the tag value representing the node.  Additions to the
> a subset of the data can be integrated into the larger database by
> simple manipulations of WHAX trees.

As a complete aside from the database issue, Loci needs to represent the
Workflow Diagram / Graphical Script in XML.  This is of course a tree
structure.  Perhaps we should look at how WHAX trees work for this purpose.

Is this the URL?


As Harry said, it's unresponsive.

> Perhaps "bioinformatics" is currently too narrowly defined (organisms
> have more characteristics about them than just their DNA).  If we, the
> community of manipulators of biological data, do come up with an open
> standard for representing said data, that standard should be flexible
> enough to encompass all the characteristics about the organisms.  And,
> in light of all the stupid patenting going on, perhaps an open standard
> is needed before big bad multinational corporation patents it first.

I couldn't have said it better.  And how does the media define bioinformatics?

    "The use of computer databases to organize the huge
     amount of biological information obtained by sequencing
     the human genome [DNA]..."


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