[Pipet Devel] on a personal note

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Dec 16 21:32:49 EST 1999

Greetings fellow Lab Rats!

I would like to announce that I have earned my "Master of Science in
Chemistry/Biochemistry" degree from Boston College.  This comes with my
completion of the degree requirements this fall semester.

My future plans are centered entirely around this organization (The Open Lab)
and The Loci Project.  I will be entering the Doctoral Biochemistry Program at
the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where operations have been based since
the organization's inception.  Yes, this is where I earned my undergraduate
degree in chemistry, but it is most important to me that I am able to continue
my work with The Open Lab, and I believe I would not have that luxury anywhere

Bigger and better: I am working with our advisors (Ken Marx, Rob Harrison and
David Lapointe) and administrators (Gary Van Domselaar, Pete St. Onge and Mark
Luo) to expand and improve services at The Open Lab.  Each expansion or
improvement will be announced as it is made, but I can give you a hint as to
our plans: (1) donation and purchase of more computing hardware, including
some Big Iron to serve Loci applications; (2) change of name to include
"BIOINFORMATICS.ORG", which we will soon be able to use as a domain; (3)
continued development of the bioinformatics portal, which started with the
"Bioinformatics GNU's" news list; and (4) grant awards and corporate

I would like to thank the advisors, administrators, project coordinators
(Justin Bradford, SooHaeng Yoo, Thomas Sicheritz, Rick Ree and Carlos
Maltzahn), and everyone else, ALL volunteers of their time and effort to make
this organization successful.  I think we have a bright future ahead!

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