[Pipet Devel] example GUIs

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Jan 5 16:33:39 EST 1999

DNAstar and MacVector are two "competing" application suites for sequence
analysis.   They have some very nicely made GUIs.  Take a look:


I wonder if DNA sequence analysis tools should be different programs from
protein (or polypeptide) sequence analysis tools, or maybe a single program such
as the sequence editor can switch between the two?  Of course they present some
very different problems...but then again...?  What do you guys think?

We should also consider different types of genetic maps, according to the
system: chromosome vs. bacterial circular genome vs. plasmid vs. viral genome. 
Even proteins can be represented in several different ways:  primary/sequence
vs. secondary vs. tertiary vs. quarternary.  I'm just thinking about whether
we'll need one big tool to show these or many smaller tools.  I tend to favor
many small loci here.

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