[Pipet Devel] tulip mailing list

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Jan 22 16:11:14 EST 1999

Great!  Thanks Justin!

I'll post this info on the Loci Web page ASAP.

BTW, do you know how to create an HTML archive of the mailing list, for people
to access later?  And can I get a list from time to time of everyone on the

bizzaro at bc.edu

Justin Bradford wrote:
> I've set up a tulip mailing list at:
> tulip-list at busboy.sped.ukans.edu
> It's running majordomo, so for new people to subscribe, they send mail to
> majordomo at busboy.sped.ukans.edu with "subscribe tulip-list" in the message
> body.
> To unsubscribe, just do the same as above, substituting "subscribe" with
> "unsubscribe" in the message body.
> Also, I have it automatically insert the [Pipet Devel] in the subject, if it's
> not already there, and the reply-to header is set to the list.
> For those of you using procmail, I recommend keying it off the sender
> header. Here's a sample recipe:
> :0:
> * ^Sender: owner-tulip-list at busboy.sped.ukans.edu
> mail/tulip
> The current recipients are:
> justin at ukans.edu
> bizzaro at bc.edu
> hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
> jabbo at mindless.com
> Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se
> david.lapointe at umassmed.edu
> rahul at photino.sid.rice.edu
> carlosm at moet.cs.colorado.edu
> lahondes at pasteur.fr
> hjm at cx408397-a.irvn1.occa.home.com
> Mail me if you have any questions or problems.
> Justin Bradford
> justin at ukans.edu

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