[Pipet Devel] freshmeat announcement

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Jul 9 01:48:35 EDT 1999

I just made the first announcement about Loci at freshmeat.net.  I know we don't
have much to show, but I intended this to be a general announcement about the
project.  In the future, we can just post "loci-core X.X.X", "loci-daemon
X.X.X", etc.  In just over an hour, the page got hit as much as it does in a
whole day :-)  Here is what I posted:

   The Loci Project (alpha)
   J.W. Bizzaro - July 08th 1999, 23:05 EST 

   Loci is a network-distributed system of clients and servers ("loci") for
   computational biology research. The loci are data, high-level widgets,
   programs (command-line), data translators, vector drawing programs, and any
   combination of these. They are represented as nodes on a graphical "work flow
   diagram" (WFD) and can be connected in a manner akin to Unix piping. In a
   Loci is a graphical scripting language where users can build, customize and
   their own scriptlets via the WFD. Plus, connecting loci across the Internet,
can form
   world-wide collaboratives and an infinitely extensible set of loci. Numerous
   development tools used include Python, GTK+ and the GNOME environment:
   CORBA, DOM, XML and so on. Although Loci is being developed for computational
   biology (for which it is highly suited), the system's core is not dependent
on a
   particular data type. THIS IS ALPHA SOFTWARE!

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