[Pipet Devel] Re: Web Page Update

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Jul 26 06:30:11 EDT 1999

Hi Gary!

I guess you just answered my question about Webalizer, and I was also wondering
what happened to BigBro Stats :-)

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> As you may know, I have been working on upgrading the web server with
> PHP.  I recently installed the mysql relational database on theopenlab
> box, so now we can use PHP with mysql (joy!).

Great.  Thank you!

> Jeff pointed out a
> cst-calendar proggy that  uses mysql with php.  i installed it on my home
> box:
> http://gvd.v-wave.com/~gvd/calendar/index.php3
> if you like it i can instal it on the openlab server for the bioinfo portal.

I think it lacks a whole-year view.  It would be nice if there were clickable
"horizontal bars" in such a view showing the duration of a long event like a
conference.  Do you know what I mean?  Do you know of any other calendars? 
Maybe we can request this feature.

> I had a little bit of trouble turning on the server-side includes for
> theopenlab apache server, this resulted in a 'broken' stats page and
> counter.  I personally am not too fond of the web stats generator that
> was being used (big brother):  it logs and displays visitor information
> like operationg system and stuff-- good stuff for script kiddies.  for
> your consideration i put the webalizer on there instead. Just click the
> 'view the statistics' link at the bottom of theopenlab main page to check
> it out.  Big brother is still there, but if you want to view it i suggest
> to password protect it first.

Oh.  I didn't think it was a security problem, but I guess you know more about
that than I do.  Webalizer looks nice.  As long as I/we can get an idea as to
what the activity is on the server.

> I also placed a php/sql counter on theopenlab index and loci index
> pages.  If you like them i will keep them.  I think they look fine.

They look fine to me too.

> Finally, I have begun working on a template for the new web page design.
> point your browser to
> http://bioinformatics.org/dev/
> and tell me what you think (its still very rough).

I like the title and the background.  The background looks like a Bowie Poag
image; is it?  I don't think the menu area color (robin's egg?) matches the
background though.  BTW, did you catch the <htnews> tag that goes in the body? 
The news program actually generates index.shtml from index.template.  <htnews>
goes in index.template.  I still need to post my logo idea too.  Anyone else
have an idea for a logo?  Nice work, Gary.  Thank you.

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