[Pipet Devel] Re: Web Page Update

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Jul 26 18:07:27 EDT 1999

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> > I don't think the menu area color (robin's egg?) matches the
> > background though.
> Oh i know.. I'll make something nicer looking as things progress.

BTW, you probably noticed that I have a different background for each page.  The
way I put the text in a white table in the middle of the page allows us to use
any busy pattern for the background around it.  The effect is rather like a
window on a computer desktop.  I was wondering if we could have a randomly
selected background.  Perhaps PHP can do this?

Also, I am a bit fond of the "cartoon" theme I was starting with but didn't
quite implement.  Check out the PyGTools page:


See how the black outlines make it look a little cartoony?  I just needed to
make some more drawings.  Something to think about.  But since you're doing the
work, you have the say.

> > BTW, did you catch the <htnews> tag that goes in the body?
> > The news program actually generates index.shtml from index.template.  <htnews>
> > goes in index.template.
> My design proposal for the pages is to use php to create a shell file.  The file
> will "include" the header (logo, background image, etc.) from a standard file.
> The Menu will be generated dynamically from a php script (using catalog
> information included in each individual web page) and placed into the menu table,
> which can be on the right or left.  The main text will again be grabbed from a
> file, so if i grab index.shtml, which is generated from index.template using (what
> news proggy are you using?),  the most recently generated index.shtml will always
> appear in the main panel.

The program is Htnews:


I can specify a "input/template" file and an "output" file; it doesn't matter
what they are called.  Check out the /etc/htnews-* files on the system.  So
whatever you want to "grab" the main text from, we can specify that as the
output file, which will come from a template file.  It doesn't have to be named
the way it is now.

> Im making use of cascading style sheets to format the web pages, so once we have a
> nice looking template page, applying the style to the existing pages should be a
> snap.

Good.  I hope I can follow all the new additions :-)

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