[Pipet Devel] workspace work

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Jul 26 18:54:42 EDT 1999


Just to update you on the progress of programming Loci, there IS work being done
on the Workspace.  I've been adding some versatility to the system.  For
example, each locus can now have multiple inputs and outputs, whereas before
there was only one input per locus.  I think each locus will have to specify all
of the inputs and outputs at the onset, and they'll be represented by
open/broken lines.  The effect is a bit like placing a "bug" or little critter
on the Workspace, because the lines radiating from a geometric shape look like
legs on an insect.  And the legs of one bug can be connected to another: output
is connected to input.  Unconnected legs mean some information is missing or the
next step is unspecified, and this will likely mean the Workflow Diagram
won't..."flow".  It's a good visual indicator anyway.  Importantly, multiple
inputs allow us to have some complex control structures, such as loops, which
will make for a very powerful data processing system.  I should have a snapshot
and a screenshot in a few days.

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