[Pipet Devel] looking good

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Thu Jun 3 23:49:11 EDT 1999


Attached is the latest screenshot of the workspace.

You will see that loci/locuses are represented as colored buttons, which when
double-clicked, pop up the gui of the locus.  When double-clicked again, the gui
is hidden.

Again, these can be dragged and dropped, and the children loci all move with
their parents.

The arrows shown are actually turned off in the working version, because I found
a related bug in the gnome canvas widget.  This bug will be fixed in the
gnome-libs 1.0.10 release.

Any comments?  I'm thinking about an elaborate gui-building scheme where loci
represent widgets that can be connected in a hierarchy and then "fused" or
combined on command to make higher level widgets.  This will allow just about
any compatible combination of loci to be fused to form larger, customized loci. 
How's that sound?

This is of course on the CVS.  If you want a gzipped snapshot, just ask me.

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