[Pipet Devel] Data Storage Interfaces

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Jun 11 18:12:53 EDT 1999

Justin Bradford wrote:

> > That's a good point.  We haven't considered slow networks or very large files.
> I have, and that's my problem with
> 1) how Paos passes objects -- it sends the whole thing. I would prefer
>    just sending updates. Breaking up the data into linked objects could be
>    an adequate compromise.
> 2) the independently roaming object concept where it's passed directly
>    from tool to tool. Without a "home" everything has to be passed, and by
>    the end of a complex series, that could be a large object.

I think the confusion lies in thinking that the XML file is physically passed. 
In reality, it would reside in the local filesystem while loci read/write
from/to the file.  But this is not to mention "passing" across filesystems or
the Internet.

> This interface method requires a home location where the object resides
> throughout its processing life-time. This is what I had envisioned the
> work flow system to be (ie. coordinating it's various objects, where
> and when they connected, etc). This could be located on the client
> machine, and it allows the various other loci to be really dumb (which
> means small).

I agree that this big blob of a data object should reside on the local
filesystem.  IOW, you're right.

What would be involved in making such a system?  Does it include PAOS, or are
you thinking of making something from scratch?

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