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Lapointe, David David.Lapointe at umassmed.edu
Tue Jun 15 09:20:57 EDT 1999

We are addressing the same issues on the Loci list as the Perl-XML list is,
interestingly. This thread concerns heavy loading of web servers with XML
parsing of
large files.

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At 11:00 PM 6/14/99 +0000, Matt Sergeant wrote:
>- 30 meg seems *way* high. I don't know what's going on there - but I've
>been seeing about 10 maximum with mod_perl and XML stuff going on. I
>guess our XML files are a lot smaller. Things to look out for: Using
>XML::DOM (sorry Enno!) - it gobbles memory like no tomorrow.

No need to apologize to Enno; it's an axiom that to to load N bytes
of data into a tree, you're going to burn somewhere between 5 and 50
times N worth of memory, depending on how dense the tagging in, how
clever your data structures are, and what programming language you're
using.  Basically, if you want to read chunks of XML of unconstrained
size off the network, you simply cannot afford to use DOM-like APIs,
that's all there is to it, or you're staring down the barrel of
a loaded cannon. -Tim

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