[Pipet Devel] GST, widgets & figure building

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Jun 20 23:00:00 EDT 1999

Alan et al,

I thinking about how people can write new widgets for Loci, particularly how
GstMultiSeq and the editor can be implemented.  One unique feature of Loci is
(or will be) that data are displayed as vector graphics (or at least raster
images) so that the user can create a figure for publication directly from
Loci.  Have you considered how this might be handled by your widgets, and do you
have any suggestions for widgets doing this in general?

The first widgets I planed on making for Loci were going to literally draw onto
a (gnome) canvas widget.  Since the drawing program to accompany Loci will use
the same canvas, copying data will be trivial.  However, more interactive
widgets, such as GstMultiSeq, probably won't use the same canvas...I don't
know.  What are you using for your widgets?  Any thoughts?

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