[Pipet Devel] Help: ORBit, Python and PyGNOME

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Jun 30 10:55:50 EDT 1999

> From: David Arnold <arnold at dstc.edu.au>

> alternatively, both ILU and Orbit (and Mico?) have Python bindings as
> well, so you could consider them if Fnorb doesn't work out.

Can you tell us where we might find Python bindings to ORBit?  I haven't heard
that they even exist.

Also, James, it appears that you started to link PyGNOME to the ORBit
libraries.  Are you planning on doing anything more with PyGNOME and the GNOME
object models: ORBit, GDOME, XML-libs?  PyGNOME would be even better if it
included Python bindings to these things, as you may already have planned.  Can
you fill us in on what you want to do?  This is very important to a project I

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