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Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se
Mon Mar 1 05:03:38 EST 1999

Hej Jeff,

 > One major part of the Loci Project is to create a "library" of Python modules
 > (and C wrapped in Python) that handle common sequence and structure
 > manipulations.  The library for structure is something Konrad will hopefully
 > contribute, along the line of MMTK.
 > If you are writing or rewriting code to manipulate sequences (like reversing or
 > complementing), the code should become part of this library.
 > Tim, a guy we haven't heard from in a while, was going to write code to
 > convert codons into amino acids.  Tim, this also needs to be in the
 > library, in Python or Python/C.

I see ... that would make life easier. How are we going to do this
practically ? Are we using different namespaces in the library ?
How shold I rewrite the rewrite of my lib ?

 > If you want, I can forward you e-mails from any time span, since I save Loci
 > e-mail on my computer.

No thanks - I have already an overfull INBOX ... :-)
What are the latest news concerning markup languages ?


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