[Pipet Devel] new server

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Mar 16 18:23:41 EST 1999


Tomorrow I will try to finish setting up our new server.  It's not much, but
it'll work for now:

Pentium I/100 MHz
16 MB RAM (maybe I should get more)
10 GB HDD (brand new!)
RedHat Linux 5.2

I will register the domain name bicgroup.org.  The new Loci Web site will likely
be at www.bicgroup.org/loci.  But we'll just have an IP address for a while.

The computer is partly owned by UMass Lowell, but we will work something out as
we (Ken Marx and I) do not want to associate the Loci Project with the
University.  (I'm trying to avoid intellectual property problems here.  I'm not
paid by the University or a student there any longer, and I don't want the
school to claim rights just because the server is there.)

As time passes and funds pass my way, I will set up servers in my home.

I want to give everyone an account.  This way, we can upload and download what
each of us has done.  I have considered issues like CVS and patches, but the
nature of Loci, being all smallish scripts with one author per script, allows us
to avoid these things rather nicely.  Isn't Python wonderful?

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