[Pipet Devel] new server up

Carlos Maltzahn carlosm at mroe.cs.colorado.edu
Thu Mar 18 12:59:07 EST 1999

> > Be aware that onsager is not behind a firewall and seems to run Red Hat.
> > I wouldn't use onsager for anything that cannot be restored very easily.
> I know there is no firewall.  But what's wrong with Red Hat?

Our passwords are going through the Internet in plain text. It's extremely
easy to snoop them and then login. Red Hat's user friendly admin tools
have the tendency to permit users to acquire root access among other
things. RH's distributions are so unsecure that our department
doesn't allow us to connect RH computers to the network inside the
firewall. The Debian distribution tends to be more secure. 

I would recommend to put onsager behind a firewall and allow us to login
through the firewall using ssh or at least one-time passwords. 

> > Jeff, are you planning to give us some tulip-related web space on onsager?
> Anything you want.  What did you have in mind?

I will start working at a company two months from now and eventually lose
my CU account. At that point I'd like to have a neutral place for Paos. I
was thinking about putting it on onsager -- but it needs to be more secure
than it is now. I hate to discover one day that the Paos distribution
contains a Trojan horse or something else ugly. 

More generally, I think onsager is not a save repository for Tulip
development right now.


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