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Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se
Fri Mar 19 10:41:41 EST 1999

Dave Beck writes:
 > Quoting Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se (Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se):
 > > I fear that I have to stop looking at python and the sequence editor for a
 > > while ... to many meetings and to many unwritten thesises (=1) 
 > Thomas, would you mind if I started futzing with it?  I'd like to start
 > porting my QT/C++ based sequence editor to Python/C/GTK and what you have
 > is a terrific start...

Sure - I feel that I have no time at all to start with the graphical stuff
(I haven't succeeded yet compiling gnomelibs on my Sun). But I'd like to
keep on a little on the python based - behind the scenes/nongraphic - sequence
classes. Could we corporate with this ? Beside my thesis I have another
genome which has to be analysed, parsed and annotated. I feel that I have
the basic python sequence class ready to build my usual tools on it
(read: I almost got used to python and don't really want to stop messing
around with it)

Suggestions ?

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