[Pipet Devel] phylogeny and and overview question

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Tue Mar 23 02:24:39 EST 1999

> Phylogeny is something we be very concerned with in developing LocusML.
> Your input to Justin and Rahul would be helpful.

Phylogeny, too?!? Ok. Well, I'm going to need input here.
I'd like to make a draft of the LocusML, but I need input on structure and
phylogeny. Sequence I'm going to take from bioml and bsml.

As for the structure, I want to clear up something I'm a little confused
about. Does the Loci system work like this:

Desktop <-> wfs <--|----> analysis locus #1
                   |----> analysis locus #2
                   |----> database
                   |----> etc...

And things from the third column only talk to the wfs, and not directly to
each other. Right?


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