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Lapointe, David David.Lapointe at umassmed.edu
Mon Mar 29 10:23:08 EST 1999

What about Grail? That would allow embedded python scripts. Has anyone tried


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> Locians,
> It's strange that I just came across this article:
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0%2C4%2C34314%2C00.html?dd.ne.tx
> t.0326.04
> Strange, because a couple days ago I was thinking about the 
> future of GUI
> development and the role of XML and the Internet.  I thought 
> that the Web
> browser of today may some day become so customizable that it 
> will be a portable
> GUI toolkit, with an Internet backbone.
> But this is also the direction Loci is heading.
> The article talks about using XUL (an XML) to provide the 
> browser with GUI
> information (buttons, etc.).  The problems are, (1) XUL would 
> require an
> enormous and complex DTD, and (2) the browser would need all 
> of the widgets
> built-in, ready to be called upon at runtime.
> I realized these would be insurmountable problems for Loci, 
> if it were to go
> this route, simply because Loci is not the scale of Mozilla.
> But what if the GUI information for Loci were included in the 
> XML, as with XUL,
> but
>                       >>>as a Python-GTK script<<<
> Yes, a functional program/module embedded in the XML.  Has 
> anyone heard of this
> being done before?  Try that with compiled binaries!
> So each locus would be the same: just a shell that can 
> process our XML (workflow
> + bio + GUI) and make an application on the fly.
> Any thoughts?  What would be the advantages and disadvantages?
> Jeff
> bizzaro at bc.edu

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