[Pipet Devel] new glossary

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Mar 31 06:56:07 EST 1999

A new glossary is up:

I added a number of things we've been talking about lately:

    Locus PhyE     -     Phylogenic Editor

    Locus PhyV     -     Phylogenic Viewer

    Techie         -     (as in "lab technician") the name for the daemon
                         that builds a database of what loci are available
                         and what they can do

    Locus IAB & CAB  -   the application brokers (IAB == Gatekeeper)

Also, thinking about the relationship between viewers and editors, I think we
need to make it clear that editors are attached to or dependent on viewers.  For
example, if the user wants to edit a nucleotide sequence, the Benchtop doesn't
call up a sequence editor, it calls up a sequence viewer, and the viewer calls
the editor.

Why is this important?  The viewer manages the display of all the biological
data, so the user should be able to see changes affected by the editor.  This
allows the editor to be simpler.  Also, the editor can do without the code to
manage workflow, since it will only communicate with the viewer.  Make sense?

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