[Pipet Devel] EMBOSS, etc.

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Nov 16 09:04:59 EST 1999

(This is my reply to part of a message David sent to me directly.)

David Lapointe wrote:
> I have had a productive couple of weeks at work, due I think to to the
> OSOS conference. I have been making webized ( read CGI) interfaces to EMBOSS.

Interfacing Loci with EMBOSS will a major first step for Loci.  Perhaps
you are the best candidate to head up that effort, if you are that
familiar with EMBOSS.

Of course, EMBOSS uses AJAX/ADL, which is the route to connectivity with
Loci.  If you have any information on how EMBOSS will connect to AppLab,
that will be applicable to Loci--we (Gary and I) have nodded our heads in
agreement that Loci's CORBA-based infrastructure should be modeled closely
after AppLab's:


> Maybe it's time for me to start getting into LOCI a little more. I might wade
> in with some Python frontends, then try to tackle LOCI connectivity.

Loci's Python-based API to CORBA will be done via Justin's PyORBit:


If you want a Python-based connectivity project, it might be to implement
PyORBit.  If you want to work in another language, you will need to know
the CORBA API for that language.  What did you use for the EMBOSS Web

> How would you connect some executable to a LOCI element? Maybe I should
> take this up on the list. 10-4.

Again, we'll take the AppLab approach, with some SEView mixed in where it
would be helpful:


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