[Pipet Devel] KDE to use graphical pipline approach?

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Nov 26 18:39:02 EST 1999


I came across this interview with KDE developers at Slashdot.  One person
asked about using a 'connect-the-dots' approach.  The 'AVS' referred to is
likely this product:


10) by Tom Christiansen
What non-Windows systems have you evaluated in mining existing technology for
ideas? How about XEROX Star or OS/2 or Amigas? Have you ever looked at AVS,
the scientific visualization graphical shell? It has (or had, when I long ago
looked at it) a very cool graphical representation in which datasets and
filters get connected in by pipelines in a visual rather than a CLI way, which
is sometimes easier to produce. IF you haven't seen it, think of what it might
be to combine drag-and-drop with connect-the-dots... 

Kurt Granroth answers:
As for the 'connect-the-dots' approach.. I believe that various KDE apps are
doing something in that vein. aRts does (or did). I could have sworn that
there were more. We currently have no plans of doing this in the core KDE
stuff.. but who knows what will happen after KDE 2.0 

Actually, it's interesting that you mention AVS because we *did* have a rather
extensive discussion about treating everything as graphical pipes about a year
ago (I think). If my memory holds true, we decided that it's a great idea but
we probably couldn't pull it off by KDE 2.0 if we wanted it to be stable,
usable, and intuitive. Like I said, we'll see what happens after 2.0 

Full interview:


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