[Pipet Devel] python-bonobo (was Re: desktop as...)

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Tue Nov 30 22:12:24 EST 1999

> > Is there bonobo-bindings for python yet?  Is someone working on it?  That
> > would be great!
> Not that I know of.  The Open Lab is working on Python bindings to ORBit
> (partly for Loci's sake):
>     http://bioinformatics.org/pyorbit/
> We'll probably take on the Python-Bonobo bindings if no one else does.  Want
> to help us get started?

I haven't explored bonobo adequately yet, but I suspect we won't need the
ORBit bindings before we can make bonobo bindings.

It is my understanding that while bonobo uses ORBit, it is just a library.
If I am correct, non-elegant bindings should be relatively easy. By
"non-elegant", I mean it the Python interface would feel more C-ish than

In fact, I saw this program, SWIG, on freshmeat, which seemed to imply
that it would spit out the Python-C stubs automatically for a library.


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