[Pipet Devel] MySQL GPL

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sat Oct 9 17:28:31 EDT 1999


An older version of the MySQL database was released under the GNU GPL license. 
Being GPL'd, I would say it is the best database under that license.  I wonder
if someone could make use of this for a free (as in free speech) bioinformatics

I have a copy residing on The Open Lab server:

  (4.4 MB)

Here is snippet from the README-ABOUT-GPL-VERSION file.  It appears they will
continually release older versions under the GPL.

This is a GPL release of MySQL, a SQL database server. 
The next stable version of MySQL (next is 3.21.34) will normally be
released as a GPL version when the next major version of the
commercial MySQL is declared stable.
All new clients for the commercial MySQL version should also work with
this release. Tables from this release is usable with all 3.x MySQL
It has been used in production for long periods of time, but even then
it may have some bugs. The MySQL team will not update this version
until the next GPL release.

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