[Pipet Devel] Re: LOCI documentation

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Sat Oct 9 19:29:11 EDT 1999

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
> David Lapointe wrote:
> >
> > I was just fooling around with this. Maybe I could accumulate
> > documentation as it becomes available into a
> > LOCI HowTo.  This is the HTML output of  a DocBook based
> > SGML document. KInd  of industrial grade but fun
> > neverthe less.
> Excellent!  What program did you use to generate this...DocBook?  I'll make a
> new module, loci-doc, for this.

Great news!  I  have just completed the new web pages for TOL/Loci and
the DocBook documentation is a perfect fit-- I had planned on using
docbook to document loci as well-- lets get the documentation source
onto the cvs tree so we can work on it together! BTW I think I will
begin putting up the new pages onto the bioinformatics.org today.  Feel
free to preview them at 

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