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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Thu Oct 14 17:18:55 EDT 1999


Gary sent me a link to this 'paper' from NetGenics titled "NetGenics White
Papers - A CORBA-Java Framework for Drug Discovery":


If you haven't heard of this product, I suggest you read this paper.  Actually,
if you are at all interested in the CORBA-based framework for Loci, you REALLY
need to read this thoroughly!  Why?  Because this is almost exactly what we had
in mind for Loci's infrastructure, with the exception of some different wording.

Here's a SYNERGY <-> Loci translation of terms:

  Client == GUI interface, such as a Viewer Locus

  Server == Processor Locus

  Project Manager == Loci Daemon

  Analysis Manager == Loci Hub

This goes to show that the use of CORBA in bioinformatics is not new, and that
it doesn't take much to derive a 'framework' for data-type and
language-independent analyses.

I didn't find any information on pricing for SYNERGY or even screenshots.

Informax's VectorNTI is another commercial application that uses a similar
(although I think not CORBA-based) framework:


The framework may not be unique, but Loci's Workflow Diagram, project management
and graphical programming language in this environment could be.  How else can
we improve upon this now 'common' framework?

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