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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Sep 1 20:24:05 EDT 1999


Attached is the latest screenshot of the workspace.  Notice the new 'desktop'
look and feel.  Recall that I used to have boxes surrounding the icon and text. 
Although this screenshot doesn't show it, I will have the flowchart-style boxes
be part of the icon and not be shapes drawn by the canvas.

This desktop L&F led me to an interesting solution to a problem I have been
trying to deal with.  (This doesn't appear on the screenshot.)  You may recall
that early screenshots showed a 'toolbox' in a windowpane adjacent to the
workspace.  The toolbox contained optional loci TO BE PLACED on the workspace. 
But I soon realized we would have had a problem organizing the toolbox loci for
ease of selection.

I then thought of using some sort of a menu or list to select loci from. 
However, I'm not very fond of long lists and cascading menus.

My most recent idea is to split the toolbox up and put the numerous loci into
several other loci.  Yes, make loci that contain other loci.  So, as the GUI has
been functioning, you would double-click on one of these 'container loci' and a
'windowlet' would drop down with a (short) list of loci contained therein.

The container loci would appear when starting the workspace, akin to folders and
drives on a Mac desktop.  The cute part is, you can connect a container to the
end of a workflow diagram and have it automatically store the resulting data.

A snapshot of the hardly-functional workspace can be found in the usual place:



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